Real Wealth is Portable


Following up from where we stopped yesterday, which was our exposition to the fact that,
Real wealth itself is portable, it’s knowledge. The more you learn, the more earn.

Today, I will be sharing with us another secret, embedded in chapter 2, titled –
“Take Care of Your Own, and They Will Take Care of You.”

My name is Adebayo, Adesola Feyisayo……. Enjoy the ride…..

There is a misconception, that Jews are miserly…. But it’s far from true, despite their small size, they are the most philanthropic ethnic group in America as a country. Their ability to organize and utilize economic power has been a source of the Jewish-American community’s strength.

The Jews understands that when the community serves itself, it also controls its own destiny. Giving is something that comes naturally to the Jews and through this noble act, they have been very wealthy.
Aside the fact that, they make giving a priority, they have a well organized and massive efforts to raise funds for Jewish cause which serves as a model for other groups who wants to create such an effective fund raising organization to meet monetary goals years after years.
One enduring characteristics the Jewish Generosity led to, and that we can glean from is called the self-confident beggar or shnorrer. In our shores, we are made to understand that a beggar has no choice, no so with the Jews.
They don’t stand with the conventional defeatist situation they might find themselves, and through their philanthropic way, they have created institutions that have benefitted the entire community… A good example the writer cited was when Hospitals did not allow Jewish doctors to practice, instead of whining and wallowing in that low, they built their own hospitals, and opened it to all doctors and patients. Many more of things like this the Jews have done, because of exclusionary policies.

Charity means giving in many texts, the way it is interpreted is akin to pity or love. However, in Jewish society, Charity is an obligation. It’s a form of Justice, not for love or pity. Their deep rooted understanding of charity led them to the creation of Jewish Free Loan societies, which was aimed at helping immigrants and others in need.

The Jewish also helped pulled themselves up by patronizing Jewish Business, I mean what better way is there to support…
There are a lot we could learn from all these and the writer concluded beautifully by asking a treatise.

If the Jews Takes Care of Their Own, What Can I do?
Its important we learn from the Jews that, to build a strong economic base, it’s critical to build the community’s financial, education and spiritual capital base, which has an after effect on our children, by building their esteem and creating a platform for them to succeed.

Here are the concluding footnotes.
1) Create your own group’s community based and national charitable organizations
2) Create foundations and endowments for long term self-help goals of your group.
3) Minimize support of your local community by members of other groups
4) Organize, vote and participate in politics consistently
5) Patronize your own group’s local businesses
6) Support general issues that also support your group’s interests.

One Tribe that mirrors some of the things discussed here are our Igbo brothers and sisters, they have no problem lifting themselves up. I wish every one of us could mirrow them, Nigeria would be a better place for it.

Remember, we are lifted more when we life people up….

Thanks for your time.

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