Baby Jayden becomes ATP 2018 Baby of The Year


She: Ademiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Me: (No response)
She: Adeeeeeee
Me: Yes… Kilo de?
She: comman see
Me: See wetin again
She: Your baby is trending o
Me: where?
She: See 27, 27, 27, 27 (hands me her phone)
Me: What’s 27?
She: The Ask The Pediatrician Baby of the Year I told you, he was shortlisted.
Me: Oh, that stuff. Well, it’s okay…
She: People we don’t know are really voting for your son o… (Calling plenty names I don’t even have ideas of), commenting his smile is too much
Me: Before nko? That’s hereditary. He has no choice… lol
She: Lets tell our people to help vote, they said we can’t canvass for votes on the page or openly.
Me: Better. I can’t tell anyone to vote for me. I made that clear initially
She: You have started; let me tell my gang… They got my back
Me: Maybe, Do I have to vote too?
She: Yes na.. But you can’t vote twice
Me: That’s very good. One man one vote. I think these guys are real sha. No rigging
She: Just type 27 in the comment section. Nothing more o
Me: Mo ti gbo.. Oya..(Picked my phone and typed 27).
She: Wao! See in the past 30 minutes, (brought the phone and started counting 27, 27, 27 … about 100 votes, he has more than 60 votes already.
Me: I told you, angels are working…
She: O ya now, let’s vote
Me: Vote again? Haba!
She: No, tell your friends. She started mentioning names…
Me: No please. I think he will win. Good effort though but I can’t
She: Shior! O wa lara e….
Me: (Walks away…..)


Las las, Baby Jayden became the 2018 ATP Baby of the Year (Boys Category).
Many Thanks to Oluwaseunfunmi and everyone who voted and supported. Most of whom will not even see this post. God bless you yafun yafun.
About the prize… errrrm, errrrm, see me after the service… drops mic.

LIGHTWORLD ENLIGHTENMENT DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE wishes Jayden Olaobaju a blissful Child Ambassador