Reading and Accidental Leadership


Reading and Accidental Leadership

Nowadays, people are in a gathering and they need to choose a leader, they look around and choose someone they feel should be able to do it. More often than not, leadership in 21st century is mostly by accidents! I have seen people wake up in the morning, only to return home being a political or marketplace leader. I have seen it, where a country president openly confessed, he was not prepared for the office. Imagine!

My question to you is when will you start preparing for leadership? When will you start taking reading seriously? Is it when you are made a Minister or Parents Teachers Association Chairman, most times, it’s too late then. Now is the time to stack up knowledge, remember, the wise lay up knowledge.‎ Read so that when the opportunity comes, you fit in and give what has been deposited in you.

We are in a time when everyone is a leader one way or the other, hence the need to improve our leadership quotient. It’s time to curb this ineptitude that has beguiled the developing nations due to lack of capacity.

Did You Know?
China has announced the end of its hugely controversial one-child policy, saying that all couples will now be allowed two children.

Seyi Olaobaju


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