Mobile Reading School (MRS)

Mobile Reading School is aimed at furthering our objective of improving reading culture in schools and organisations across the country. It is a 90 minutes one day interaction with students and staff in your organisation on the importance of reading culture and how it can be promoted with the aim of improving our reading skills. A free Reading Assessment shall be administered to all participants to determine their reading rate.

A typical Mobile Reading School (MRS) shall normally consist of;

a)      40 minutes Visual Presentation (VP).

b)      20 minutes Reading Assessment (RA).

c)      30 minutes Interaction (Q&A).


Conducive Hall/ Classroom with chairs

Sound System


Light Refreshment

Compensation Fee

The compensation fee is to encourage and promote the work including other logistics.

This Programme is assured of its value proposition and the content is tailor made for your organisation. Reading School is an expertise we have mastered with endorsements both from the private and public sectors. Buy the truth and empower your institution. You will ask for more.

After reading through this proposal, we expect a reply in writing from you accepting to these terms and choosing a date you will be ready for the Reading School.

We will confirm by phone and revert accordingly.