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WRITE IN A BOOK is a new and innovative platform designed specifically for Pastors, Ministers and Christian authors who indeed have seen a revelation from the Lord, they have caught a message for our land and like the instruction God gave Apostle John, said, write in a book and send to the Churches and Nations. It is specifically orchestrated by God to encourage them and allow the people see the same.

The primary objective of this interactive platform is to bring to the awareness of the public or congregation, the message in the book, the reason behind the vision and to explain in a summary form, the contents of the book.

It is carefully packaged in an interactive format that will ensure everyone listening gets the whole idea of the book and how it will be useful to their daily victorious living.

While the overall and long-term vision is to promote religious reading culture and ultimately the word of God, which is the word of Grace, which is able to build them up and give them an inheritance among them that are sanctified.

It is a 45 minutes session aimed at introducing the book, elaborating the salient points and opening the attention of everyone that wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability and strength of the times.

Introduction – 5mins

Interactive/Interview Session – 25mins

Question and Answer – 15mins.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Improved Knowledge about the author and the book
  2. Increased Intellectual capacity/In depth spirituality of participants.
  3. Improved emphasis on the word of God as the authentic weapon of spiritual strength.
  4. Improved Sales of the book and ultimately the publicity.


Please, note that this programme is subject to the leadership and management of your leadership/ministry. The date and time is at your prerogative though, as ratified by us.

We hope that this little effort will go a long way to promoting the sales of your book and possible recommendations of books that can even be of immense spiritual benefit and growth to your members and family.

This program can be repeated for different books, or at a special book launch/dedication, the more emphasis placed on this innovation, the more members know that it is an area of emphasis. We also ask that you magnanimously sow towards this great ministry in love.